Meet Carol

Carol Anstey and her husband, Dwayne, were raised in Deer Lake and have lived there with their four children for most of their lives.

Carol comes from entrepreneurial roots which has laid the foundation for the work ethic Carol has today.

After completing high school, Carol attended Acadia University and completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Sociology.   Carol also completed a Paralegal certificate from Academy Canada and she started her first business as a wedding boutique owner in 2005. She sold that business and began a sales career with Re/Max in 2008.

This business grew from a single sales agent operation to a thriving brokerage with four offices in Western Newfoundland and Labrador.

In addition to her business, the Anstey family is heavily involved in the minor hockey association, as well as focusing fundraising efforts to give back to the community. This includes volunteering with children’s ministry and music ministry along with raising money for less fortunate families at Christmas, overseas missions’ projects, the Children’s Miracle Network, and others. Carol and Dwayne have travelled to the Dominican Republic and Thailand on missions trips which reinforces the immense privilege we have to live in Canada.

Carol also encourages and assists young start-up entrepreneurs. This continues to bolster Carol’s interest in influencing and contributing to the future of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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